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Pike have spawned !

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Each year at this time the where abouts of the big hens is always a great topic for discussion among dedicated pike anglers. I am always perplexed as to what exactly happens during the spawning period. One thing I have done over a number of years is to have my observers alert me to movement to the spawning beds so I can go and see first hand this wonderful sight. This year I had only one such chance to see these great fish do their thing. Unlike previous years it was a brief occasion one I very nearly missed. This year it happened very quickly and the trigger was a rise in water levels at the end of February and the beginning of March and a water temperature of 45 fah approx. The water went down very quickly in March and the pike disappeared into the first level post spawning. This level is different in nearly all the lakes I fish so putting a figure on it could be misleading. However those same fish are now deeper and are ready to start to feed up on the next level. The water is now starting to warm up to the 50 mark and this will see the movement of the next phase of spawning that of the course fish. On a recent outing it was obvious that the jacks were finished with their amorous excursions into the shallows as they hit shoals of roach over deep water. Let me say that you will still find pike that have not spawned right up into May as I have experienced on a number of occasions. These are of course exceptions that sometimes end in fish succumbing as the water temperature increases. To conclude my strategy for catching big pike this month is to look for the holes just off the beds.

Posted on Tuesday, 5 April 2011  |  By Marc O'Regan  |  0 comments

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