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A season of surprises

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Looking back on the year's trout season it will be the one I will remember most for some outstanding fishing often completely unexpected and in conditions contrary to all the rules. With a quiet start in the olive hatch where nothing spectacular happened to A May fly where all hell broke loose in cold harsh North Westerlies and big trout on the move. My good friend from Derbyshire on his second day of fishing responded to a dimple on the bow side of the boat and landed a 9 lb plus brown, just like that, no fuss. Some days later similar conditions a 7 lb plus again no fuss. These type of fishermen have one thing in common, they don't get excited and know when and when not to apply pressure. The following week everything went into reverse, bright sun and flat calm and consequently no fish caught except by one chappie with the help of a very gentle breeze which caused a slick paralell to a very small island. The result was amazing 4 fish 40 minutes for 16.5 lbs. This was a performance which was flawless by an absolute dry fly genius. Ofcourse there were a few days when things did not work out. My Bowman after a day of many small fish in the 11th hour struck a cracker which immediately broke water and broke an 8 lb tippet was one such occasion. What weight was this fish ? perhaps 7 lbs and a big bit. I should mention that all of the fish mentioned were returned save a few ( smaller ) which were taken for eating. These are a few snippets of the season past which made for me a memorable experience, ones to be treasured until the light goes out.

Posted on Tuesday, 26 October 2010  |  By Marc O'Regan  |  0 comments

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