Crannmor Guesthouse, Trim, Co Meath Ireland

Nymphs, spinners and sedge

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My good friend and master of the art Tommy took to the river away from the maddening crowd and into tranquility of an esoteric experience on the Boyne. No time to look at the surrounds when the river is boiling with browns on a frantic feed, all piled up in tight corners eagerly sipping ,gulping and splashing at the abundant food supply heading down stream. " Whats it going to be Tommy ? "  " They are nymphing and I'll prove it to you." First cast 15 inches and a neat 1.5 lbs pretty convincing for a young aspiring great. " I think they are on the sherry and I'll prove it." First cast bang 13 inches 1 lb, 3rd cast 12 inches .75 lbs good we were both right. Just for fun we switched to the sedge pattern that Tommy loves and the hits went on and on. After 10 pm the sedges came on heavy and more fish were caught however this only lasted  for 15 minutes. Then it was back to the spent for the remainer of the longest day of the year. Most enjoyable evening shared with a good friend and fisherman.
Posted on Wednesday, 23 June 2010  |  By Marc O'Regan  |  0 comments

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