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Ephemerella ignita

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Ephemerella ignita has arrived on the river Boyne in considerable numbers and the trout have responded accordingly. Last evening was my first outing with the bwo and what a great one it was. Trout after trout came to the surface to take this medium sized olive unique on the Boyne as it is the mainstay invertebrate on the diet of Trutta Trutta . The spinner of this upwinged fly is of particular signifigance as dark approaches and the female is the most sought after. Male spinners tend to be more obvious in the early morning as light is coming but from my experience are not taken with such vigour. The sheer volume of the hatch last evening was very impressive and was only shadowed by an equally strong showing of Brown sedge with some Grey flags interspersed. The Boyne is in a very healthy state when one sees these great hatches taking place however this was not reflected throughout the club stretches on the same evening. Perhaps hatches are unique to individual areas of the river just like our large Loughs and that factors influencing the hatch are not just right all at the same time.

The trout I caught were in very good condition, fat and well muscled. Many were from a pound up, of course this was due to selection and all were returned into the luke warm water. I was delighted to see the Boyne in such great order reminiscent of those great days many years ago when islands and secondary banks abounded. The Boyne is coming back and is nearly to where it was over 40 years ago one of Irelands greatest wild brown trout fisheries not to mention its prowess as a salmon river.

Posted on Wednesday, 16 June 2010  |  By Marc O'Regan  |  0 comments

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